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Dress in layers

Klæd dig i lag

Do you want to dress optimally for your bike ride?

You achieve this by choosing the right clothes from the inside to the outside using the layer-on-layer method. When shopping for cycling clothing, you must look for clothing that matches your activity level and the weather.

In the ES16 range we have a large selection of cycling clothing that is made to be combined according to the layer-on-layer method.

Layer 1 - A sweat wicking layer

Inside, you must have a sweat-transporting layer so that you don't get cold from the sweat your body produces. The products must be sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and in this way you get a perfect regulation of body temperature, even in hot environments.

Layer 2 - A warm and insulating layer

Often you can make do with two layers – the sweat-transporting and the insulating. The insulating layer can easily be a combination of several products. The insulating layer must retain the heat while allowing moisture to be directed away. Layer 2 should keep you warm in cold environments without restricting your freedom of movement.

Layer 3 - A layer that protects against wind and weather

The outermost layer must  protect you from the weather by being wind and waterproof. But you must also remember to choose breathability. High breathability is important to be able to keep the heat. If you can't get rid of the moisture, you'll get wet and then cold. In ES16's large program you will find a large selection of jackets that are breathable, windproof as well as waterproof or water-repellent. Whether your outer layer should be waterproof or water-repellent depends on the weather.

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