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Then I have to promise because it was December, with all the busyness that sometimes comes with it. At least it has been busy in the editor's photo shop. Do you get trained? As is often the case in December, the intentions are the best, but unfortunately time is sometimes very short. However, it has taken some training.

By Uggi Kaldan |


Another wave of infection is ravaging the country, with accompanying debate on the internet as a result. I won't go into details, but I have found firsthand that friendships and communities are suffering from the epidemic. Covid and restrictions are fuel on the fire of polarization. Are you for or against, do you mean yours, or do you mean that.

I have decided to opt out of the fight, you can't win over the internet. No matter how good an argument you think you have, there will always be others who think they have better arguments. It will be a shouting match where everyone should stop and listen instead.

AoC instead recommends that the focus be on the 2022 "season" - drive a few kilometres, possibly combined with a few hours of alternative training, in my case Padel Tennis and weights, and - order your team clothes if your club or your training mates are considering competing in clothes with their own design in 2022.

ES16 is an Aarhusian company that AoC has previously used and was super satisfied with. The owner Thomas Dybdahl provides good guidance throughout the process, and after the decision was made on the blog that the clothes should be delivered from here, Søren Kuipers and Thomas met, where models were chosen and designs looked at.

Do you want to be sure to have your kluns ready for the start of the season in 2022, i.e. sometime at the beginning of March, when the first races are on the calendar, now is the time to move, otherwise the train is moving, so get started.


While you are restlessly waiting for your newly acquired team clothes to arrive, there is training to be done. You have to be ready to keep up with the boys (and girls) when the season starts. Or better yet, show the way and take all the wind, because you've been training steadily all winter, and therefore show up to the start of the season in royal form. has created a small challenge to help you on your way. You can register for 400, 800 or 1600km in December, January, February and March. If you register for December now, all the kilometers you have covered since 1 December will of course count.

When you have completed one of the 3 challenges, we will send you a nice medal by post, it is made of Swedish polished steel, right here in Denmark, and it is super nice.

You can sign up for our Winter Challenge – right here – RAD King of Winter Challenge


You can of course cycle both outside and inside, on Zwift or BKOOL, or any other platform you train on. Sportstiming automatically synchronizes with either Strava or Garmin Connect, if you are not quite so modern that you are on one of the two platforms, you can enter your results manually. Easy.

At the time of writing, Leif Jensen has cycled 282km in the 400km challenge, Jonas Jensen from AoC has reached 558km in the 800km challenge, and Kristian Færge has reached 896km in the 1600km challenge. The undersigned has reached 300km in the 800km challenge, and will probably just relax a bit with Padel and get some kilometers on the counter!

Come along – it's fun and doable right here – RAD King of Winter Challenge



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