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Cykelstart tests our GRVL Series

ES16 is a Danish cycling clothing brand with roots in Aarhus. They have been known for fashionable cycling clothing of high quality, at a reasonable price. Their selection is constantly expanding and the newest addition is a GRVL series, i.e. a series of cycling clothing for gravel, or - in a design that makes it more aimed at the gravel rider, because it can be used just as well on the road as on the mountain bike in the forest.

GRVL series currently consists of of short and long-sleeved jersey, bib shorts, shorts, vest and various accessories.

We have currently tested their jerseys and will follow up with more products on an ongoing basis!

ES16 Grvl short sleeve jersey

The short-sleeved jersey is available in either green or a smart checkered case that looks a bit like a woodsman's shirt, true gravel style!

The fit is normal. race fit, so it sits very close to the body. The collar is low, there is a continuous zip and in the waist there is a silicone print on the inside of the elastic which keeps the shirt in place. At the back there are 3 open pockets, one with a small hole/outlet for headphones, if you are the type to stick with a wired solution.

The ends at the sleeves, which are a little longer than usual, are laser cut for a tight fit - without an elastic band or similar. to ruin the cool look.

A more breathable and elastic material is used on the front and back, while a traditional and slightly stronger material is used on the shoulders and sleeves to provide some protection against wind and weather. The combination means that the breathability is really good and it therefore works best at summer temperatures.

The fit is tight, almost race fit, and with a little extra length at the back, it sits exactly as it should when you are on the bike.

ES16 GRVL Long sleeve jersey

The long-sleeved jersey is available in 3 colours, burgundy, green and the same checkered pattern as the short-sleeved one.

The fit is also "race fit" so it sits very tight, this to ensure aerodynamics. If you are not into a super tight fit, you can advantageously choose a size larger than normal. The material is reasonably thin and light, with a slightly scratched inside which provides a little extra insulation.

There is a full zip at the front and at the waist there is a wide elastic at the back with a silicone print on the inside to prevent it from sliding up. At the front there is a laser-cut finish - it looks cool and gives a completely tight finish. A different material with slightly more breathability than the rest of the jersey is used under the sleeves.

The endings at the sleeves are usually turned up, but the material is so suitably stretchable that it almost works like an elastic band.

At the back there are 3 open pockets and in one there is a small carabiner in which you can put your keys or similar., super fine detail when there is now no closed pocket. Although the fit is super tight, the pockets at the back are quite easy to access - even when you're sitting on the bike.

The tight fit and the stretchy material means that it hugs the body, it fits really well and with the slightly scratched up inside you also get a bit of protection against wind and weather. Combined with a wind vest, it is perfect for the transition period when the thicker sweater or jacket gets too warm. During the test period, I have done both rides lasting a few hours, as well as longer rides with many hours in the saddle - and I am very satisfied with both fit and ventilation/breathability.

I have tested the long-sleeved jersey in size S and for my 65 kg. and 175 cm. it is the right size as long as you like the close fit.


Both jerseys offer a good fit, sit close to the body and provide good ventilation - the long-sleeved one even provides some insulation due to the slightly scratched inside.

The design is simple and yet a little raw and this, together with the cool colors, makes them perfect for the gravel rider who wants to stand out a little, but still wants good materials and quality.


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