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Auning CM

Auning cycling exercise, we have made this super nice clothing for. Very stylish with edge.

Mikkeller Cycling club

This year we have made this super nice set of clothes for the Mikkeller Cycling club. A great community where you often end with a Mikkeller beer at their beer house

All about cycling

Again this year, we have created Everything about cycling's delicious team clothes. Very stylish design with an edge that stands out from the crowd.

Ronde van Borum

Cool design that really stands out. Here it is the clothes for the legendary race Ronde van Borum

Up front cycling

Here we have created a cool design for Upfront cycling, which is a club for young talents on both MTB and race

Gruppetti cycling

Totally cool set here for Gruppetti cycling. A large cycling community with over 600 members.

Bornholm supply

Here is a good example of how a classic set looks in modern colors.

Viborg MTB

Viborg MTB is one of Denmark's largest MTB clubs. For the last 2 years, we have supplied all their club clothes.

Visby cycling club

Visby is a large cycling club with many members. They were very clear about their design. We ended up with this delicious set


Since 2015, we have been a supplier to all of Vestas. Vestas drives in this classic design with their wind turbine on the front.

Bicycle clothing for Demant

We are proud to be selected as a supplier of team clothing for Demant, which has over 20,000 employees worldwide.

Team clothes for KHIF

After a few meetings, we came up with the design of KHIF's new team clothes for season 2023


Since 2019, we have been a supplier of cycling clothing for Mårslet's 150-strong cycling club.

Hedensted cycling club

For the 2023 season, we will be a supplier to the Hedensted cycling club, which will ride in this nice set of clothes

Ultra athletes


We supply clothing to many clubs and athletes in Europe. Here it is Morten Viborg and Claus Elfrom Hansen, who have just started Race Around Denmark, also called RAD 1600 km. 2 cool ultra cyclists

Claus and Morten have high demands on their cycling clothes, as they do ultra races. That is why they chose ES16 as their preferred supplier. In collaboration with them, we designed this cool design.

The blue train

The blue train is a group of guys who are running the Hamburg Classic here, where they won the team competition with over 41 on average over 160 km

Team clothes for Itm8

Here the design for Itm8, which is a large IT consultancy. Cool design in a classic look

Team clothing for the Rodstenen law firm

The law firm Rodstenen has chosen this very classic design. It is 3 years in a row that we make clothes for them

Uggelhuse MTB

Here is the clothing we have delivered to Uggelhuse MTB, which is a large MTB club near Randers.

Weber ultracycling

Here we have delivered clothes for Weber Ultra cycling. Carsten mainly runs ultra races with long distances, among other things. Race around Denmark

TST Cycling

TEST is a large cycling club with over 200 members. They drive in their green color which has always characterized their clothing. We have been supplying them with clothes for the last 4 years.

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