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Test of cycling clothing from independent media

AOC tests cycling clothing from ES16


 The story behind  ES16

ES16 is the Danish cycling clothing brand founded in 2016. The clothes are produced in Europe in the best factories. All factories are carefully selected and tested. At ES16, great emphasis is placed on quality and factories that comply with the strictest requirements for the environment.

– says the owner of ES16

 ES16 makes cycling clothing for cycling clubs, associations, professional teams, cycling networks, cycling races, companies or other groups that enjoy cycling, but of course also sell their clothing in bulk on the website.

 At present there is a 4 week delivery time from the design being finally approved, but the delivery time can of course change as we approach the high season in the spring.

ES16 Elite Bib Shorts

I've cycled well over 400 kilometers with the ES16 bibs and I haven't noticed any cushioning at all. It's really positive. On the very first trip I could tell it was a brand new pillow, it was a bit "strange" to sit on, but after I had put the bibs in the washing machine once, they were really good. In general, it is always a good idea not to drive far in a pair of bibs that have not been washed.

The bibs also passed the indoor test, where you usually sit a little more static than out on the road. Two hours on the home trainer in front of Zwift was no challenge!

They are made in classic lycra, with good elastic capacity, and I am not the smallest rider, so it is also nice that the bibs are cut according to a Scandinavian rear, and not a narrow Italian model. I tried on a size XL, which fit perfectly for me and my little over 90kg.

 ES16 Elite bibs have a really nice finish on the legs that I personally really like. The elastic ends tightly around the thigh, without being uncomfortable and leaving marks.

After 5 washes, there is still plenty of "tension" in the elastic, so it bodes well for long-term durability.

Overall, it's a really nice pair of bib shorts that I could easily imagine riding a whole season in.

 ES16 Elite Jersey

I love the shirt. Of course, it helps that the colors of the test shirt really appeal to me, but in addition, it fits close, in the right places, which is how I like my shirts. There shouldn't be anything fluttering, because what if you lost speed because of that! ;)

 However, there was one thing that teased me. The shirt ended very tight at the neck when I tried it on straight out of the bag. So my immediate thought was that it was a dealbreaker, at least for me. But after washing the shirt, it fit perfectly, so I should just take my own advice. Wash your cycling clothes before riding them for the first time, and you will have the best experience.

What actually struck me the most was that there were only 2 ES16s here. best jersey. In addition to the Elite, they have the big brother Pro, and the little brother Active. However, Thomas could tell that there is not a huge difference in the choice of material for Elite and Pro, but there is a big difference in the cut.

 Elite has nice cuff ends on the sleeves that fit well and don't seem to come loose either. The front material doesn't stretch that much, on the other hand it breathes well, the side panels are really elastic and it gives a really good fit.

 There are the classic 3 pockets at the back, with a small "hook" in one of them, so you can attach e.g.e.g. his mobile (in cover with booklet) or wallet, and other important things, a very nice little detail.

For the price, the jersey really wins my heart! You just have to wash it before use, maybe! ;) I tested a size Large and it fits snugly, in just the right way.

 ES16 Elite Jacket

The jacket is the item of clothing I got to test the least. During the test period, simply because the weather was so warm that the jacket was too warm. So I've managed to test it 3 times, and 2 of the times I've had to zip it up so I don't sweat to death.

So on that account you can at least say that it is warm enough for a long time to 13-15 degrees, but there I usually also ride in short sleeves, with loose sleeves and windbreakers. The one day when I was allowed to try it in its own right, it was 8-9 degrees and a hell of a windy weather, and it was only for an hour's roll.

But I didn't freeze, and it took the worst of it, which I expect from such a jacket, which I would typically use in the spring and autumn, or if the summer should again be below those 10-12 degrees.

 The fit was quite nice, but I personally wouldn't use it in races as it didn't fit close enough, but I don't think it's made as a race jacket either. I also tried a size Large here.



The clothes have pleasantly surprised me, and I actually had to write to ES16 to make sure that it was only the Elite series that I had tested and not their Pro series that they had sent.

 You can buy a complete club set for DKK 1287, which I think is a very sharp price for a set of really good clothes.

You can see some of ES16's different designs on, where you will also find a contact form for their design department, who will certainly be happy to have a chat with you about team clothing.



 Test Of ES16 on cycle

Danish ES16 is by now well known at home, and probably especially because in a short time they have gained a lot of customers who use them for team clothing, both companies and cycling clubs.

ES16, however, also has a fairly extensive range in its own designs, everything from jerseys, bib shorts, jackets and much more.

This time we have had their Elite Jersey and Pro Bibshorts for testing, Elite is "middle class" and Pro is their top model.

ES16 Elite Jersey

As mentioned, the Elite series is ES16's mid-range series, but there are still several fine details. The material is 100% polyester, which means the material is light, breathable and dries quickly when it gets wet from sweat.

The model has a full-length zip, elastic and laser-cut ends at the sleeves for a super tight fit, as well as elastic around the waist with silicone print on the inside to prevent the jersey from climbing up. At the sleeves, reflective thread is used. the flat seams, a rather clever detail to increase visibility, without having to cover the jersey with reflectors. Along the sides are mesh panels to optimize breathability

On the back of the jersey are 3 classic pockets, and as usual, I am slightly missing a pocket that can be closed with a zip. The pockets are a nice size, however, and hold a nice pump, energy and anything else you might need to take with you on the go. There are also a few reflective details on each side of the jersey for increased visibility.

The jersey is tested in size XS and that size fits the undersigned at 175 cm reasonably well. and with a weight of 65 kg., it is not skin-tight, but has a comfortable fit. The jersey is comfortable to wear and the ends at the sleeves work really well, while the silicone band at the waist keeps the jersey in place so it doesn't climb up. The jersey is primarily used in good weather, i.e. from 15 degrees and up, and here it does brilliantly! There is not much "protection" in the relatively thin material, on the other hand it is easy to get rid of the heat and get some ventilation in the jersey via the panels on the side. A single smart little detail is that in one back pocket there is a hole through to the inside of the jersey so you can pull a cord for e.g. headphones that way.

ES16 Pro Bib Shorts

The Pro Bib shorts are the second-best in ES16's range, second only to the Pro Team bib shorts. They have been developed for those who want high quality and good comfort, typically those who spend many hours in the saddle every week - and where it is not so important whether they cost NOK 300 or 1000, comfort and fit are far more important.

Pro Bibshorts are made of so-called Power Lycra which is super stretchy and with compression. The seams are of course flat to minimize possible irritation and the upper part is made with flat braces that do not fold and a back in mesh for optimal ventilation and breathability - exactly as it should be.

The ends at the thighs are wide laser-cut elastics with silicone print on the inside, this keeps them in place and prevents them from sliding up, at the same time they are all tight - so you avoid an ugly "edge" if you wear a pair of trousers with long leg. On one thigh the ES16 logo is printed, while on both there are small reflexes on the sides of the legs.

Inside the Pro Bibshorts is their Zoom X pad, a good pad which is quite flexible, but at the same time firm enough to provide good support on the longer rides. The pad is divided into different zones of varying thickness and my experience is that it works very well and provides good support for both MTB, gravel and country roads. The pillow fits snugly around the crotch, as it should, if you buy the right size. I started out with a str. M and here I don't think I could really get the pillow to fit - I had them exchanged for a size S and it was just the right size for my 65 kg. distributed over 175 cm., this is where the pillow sits, exactly as it should - and stays there during the entire trip.

ES16 Pro Bibshorts are super discreet, but with fine details such as flat braces, mesh back and laser cut ends at the thighs. In addition, there is a good cushion that provides the necessary support regardless of whether you are running a race or on a long trip - there is really nothing to complain about!


ES16 has once again delivered a set of high-quality cycling clothing and where the prices are right! 899,- for a pair of good bib shorts most people are happy to pay - the undersigned included and here you get a pair of discreet bib shorts in a really good quality and with a really nice fit. The jersey also has several good details, such as the laser-cut ends at the sleeves, silicone print in the waist and passage for the cable inside the jersey - so much so that you can get it in some designs that stand out a little from the crowd.

Overall, I can only recommend the set, here you get good value for money and high-quality cycling clothing for good comfort for him/her who likes longer trips on the bike where slightly greater demands are placed on comfort.

Price and Availability

ES16 Elite Jersey: 499,-
ES16 Pro Bibshorts: 899,-



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